Saturday, July 10, 2010

Best Picks @ Bedok 85 Market

4 months! I've abandoned my blog for so long! Someone might be complaining - I have not done my part as a Sakae e-Journalist for that long too. So I'm back now... & with a new home too :) I've moved all my food posts to this new domain, and will be blogging only about food here. (Yes, I'm trying to become a casual food blogger! ;])

So here's a welcome back post for myself - dinner at Bedok 85 Market, the best picks!


This is the best chai tow kueh (carrot cake) I've had so far that I actually eat it with the eggs. My favorite non-eggy (on special requests) chai tow kueh is at the Bedok Reservoir Blk 600+ market.


Unique - the top layer skin is crispy fried - & Fresh - the flesh toughness is just nice. Don't go to the wrong stall though, there's another seafood bbq on the side of the famous bak chor mee and sugarcane stalls. This stall has been there for 20 years already, I think about 2 rows after.


This is the famous traditional bak chor mee. Pretty much the only bak chor mee that you eat only in soup. They pride themselves on their soup (filled rich with the sweetness of the minced meat), their QQ noodles, and their hand-made meat balls.

Don't forget to get a sugarcane juice with lemon - original sugarcane taste!

Rating: ★★★★

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