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Crab Bee Hoon Soup & Chicken Pies @ Don Your Personal Pie Club

Don Your Personal Pie Club (waiting for food)
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Here is a strange shop at China Square Central, China Court, that looks like it's a pie shop - also from its name, Don Your Personal Pie Club (or "Don Your Pie" for short), but with a wonder surprise inside. Not unless you came with someone who already knew, or that you drop in for the pies (which then you would have noticed the sign by the counter) would you have known that the surprise they kept so well inside was actually, Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup.

I'm not sure how many have tasted crab bee hoon soup before in Singapore, because it is not a dish that we often go looking for. I have eaten chilli crab, pepper crab, butter crab, and sliced fish bee hoon soup (my favorite), now to eat them together as one dish is actually a first for me!

Three of us arrived at Don's around 11:30am on a Monday for an early lunch. Shop is nearly empty except for a few queuing for pies. Food came at around 11:50am.

Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup
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Rating: ★★

Their signature dish: Claypot Crab Bee Hoon Soup.

To be honest, I am very impressed with the freshness of their crabs. I was a little disappointed with the soup though, which is still good, but I felt it could have a richer herbal/wine taste and bit less "milky".

Black Pepper Crab Bee Hoon (dry)
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Rating: ★★

For myself, I had the Black Pepper Crab Bee Hoon. Black Pepper Crab is my favorite crab dish, but I really had no idea how this would turn out. Anything in the name of "black pepper" could go totally bad if the chef had a different kind of "taste" - if you know what I mean.

Luckily for me, this dish turned out just fine. It could be a little more spicy (more black pepper!) being the usual me, although the current level of spiciness is good enough and acceptable for most people who claim they can take spicy food. I do have one suggestion, which is to make the black pepper taste cooked more integrally with the crab - you know like how black pepper crabs at the seafood restaurants are done! Right now, it is more like fresh crab with black pepper sauce over the top. I won't complain too much though, because fresh crabs are already a +1. :)

At a pie shop, it just doesn't make sense to not try their pies at all!

Chicken pie, quarter-size box
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Chicken pie, quarter-size
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I guess I didn't do the pie justice by eating it cold. :\ Pies need to be eaten hot! From the cold pie that I ate, the filling is typical local/asian pies filling - mashed potato with pieces of chicken and boiled egg. I like the texture of their mashed potato, but I've never liked boiled egg, even in my curry puffs. Cold pies are cold pies after all, unfortunately. So no rating for this time. :(

But according to wx, he was very satisfied with the Chicken Shepard Pie he got! (He heated it up of course)

If you are interested in trying this out, Don Your Pie is located at 20 Cross Street, China Square Central - China Court #01-34. The crab bee hoon dishes are $19 each. (Apparently, it was only $12.50 four years ago, as reported on!) They also have nice "concentrated" lime and pink guava juices! The pies are an average $5 for a fair 1-person portion.

If you work in the vicinity of Raffles Place, Shenton Way, and Chinatown, they do free deliveries for orders $30-50. Check out more information on their website.

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