Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back in Singapore: Day 1-3 Quick Updates

Day 1: Airport + Cargo Center (Wed, 8/27)
i hurried to the baggage claim area and skimmed through the row of spectators at the viewing glass. i saw my family.. but where's my hunny!? there!! a tall dark dude with a bear-like hairstyle just appeared beside baba. i beamed. :D we spent our next few hours together, settling the paperwork for chibi. my special post-flight snack (durian and mango cheong fun) went stale because of that. :'(

Day 2: Home visits + Comex (Thu, 8/28)
this is the beginning of our dating/family rep farming (actually this began on airport night) fiesta. breakfast with my parents near my house, "short" visit to wx's house, followed by the computer exhibition (comex) and dinner with baba at suntec city. hunny will be advising my new-to-be-custom-built desktop!! :p

Day 3: Science Center + short Bugis trip (Fri, 8/29)
i saw hunny's sister today but was too shy to talk! :x she took us into science center.. (whispers, for free)

we spent 3.5 hours at the science center!! (whispers, that's basically for kids) tried on several mini games, two of which test your memory. the first one is a typical color memory game: 4 colors (red, blue, green yellow); repeat chain in the same order as instructed, each time the chain increases by 1. one of the ogre dailies in blade's edge mountains is a direct copy of this. the longest chain i can remember is 7. hee hunny is 6. :p the other is a alpha memory game: a long seemingly random string of alphabets GPOSBVCRMTVCSIANASAOBKDBS. how much of this can you remember? there is a good way to remember it (for singaporeans). i'm the leeter one here of course. (whispers, hee hunny is epic fail :p) other games include this quiz testing how unique you are among science center visitors. hunny's uniqueness was higher than mine T_T

then we went to bugis and stopped by sim lim square's food court to eat 牛肉饭+小笼汤包! hunny says it's lvl 2.5-3 food. i think not bad!

Rating: ★★

speaking of food, i am already hungry!! D: nasi lemak for tomorrow's breakfast, but hunny cannot come with me. sad :(

P.S: 2 more books sold on amazon! whee! and new socks to go with my new shoes :D

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  1. haa, you should update your blog more often so i know how the hell you've been wasting your time away in singapore! =p
    heh, i'm still super contented with the chicken tenders at juniors and a bunch of raisins i just had. =)


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