Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Babies Birthday Party in the office

2nd blackforest birthday cake I had yesterday. Tastes not bad actually.

5 January babies in the office!! 2 of them were missing. And the cake still barely made a piece each. Cake cutter Roslinda now has more cake cutting experience for next month's feast. ;)

P.S. I randomly took a beer from a colleague. >< And got a scolding from чеечее... ah he was scary. :s That was the first time he ever really yelled at me for something I did. sobs.

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  1. heh, there was this program on tv. the crew has a hidden camera to film down the reaction of other restaurant patrons witnessing a guy doping his date's drink while she went to the restroom. after that, they had the girl change to something scanty and test again!
    it was quite interesting to see their reactions. Surprisingly, only guys took it in themselves to do something. Strange, eh? Would think girls would want to help protect one another...


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