Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making a Return...for REAL.

I decided to remove the previous post and scrap all my pending drafts so I can have a clean start again. Yes, I can feel that an urge to come back now, after a whole year of no-blog. I've also been increasing my activity on Facebook and LinkedIn, hopefully for Twitter as well. I took up Instagram photography lately too! More cat and food photos. I've had plans to link up a FB page to this blog, posting from FB will a lot easier and less resistant for me, so going to make that happen as well.

Finally, a comeback photo to kickstart it all. These days I need a milk tea (teh-si) a day to keep myself going at work.

This was taken with Instagram @ The Prata Place

This might be old news to you, just because I have been MIA for so long - but have you seen the new Blogger interface and template design (am using one now)? Foodbuzz is not going to like this - all my ads are gone now. :p

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