Thursday, June 25, 2009

NEW Triple Prawn Burger!!

Went to J8 to pay my Singtel bills after work today, and bought MOS Burger back for dinner. Try their latest addition:


Three deep-fried prawns topped with XO and tartar sauce plus shreds of lettuce.
Ermm didn't look as glamorous as this eh?

IMO not really worth the 40cents "upgrade" from my favorite fish burger. Although the prawns were fresh, I couldn't taste much of the XO sauce which was also a highlight of this dish.

Rating: ★★

Nevertheless, MOS Burger remains to be one of my favorite burger place locally! A little small portioned and expensive, but love the fat fries, croquette, and minestrone soup! (I give high ratings to those :D)

& Oh! New Scallops Rice Burger... wx might just like it :)

PS: MOS Burger needs delivery service in Singapore :x


  1. ah, i gotta stop looking at your blog in the middle of the day where i'm sleepy and tired. i miss MOS burger! all the food looks cool!
    the mini cup cakes too!

  2. hehe MOS burger's burgers are quite small these days... but they have a lot of flavors! my xiaohai's fave is the unagi rice burger. :p


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